The INPR research team has spared no efforts in publishing and distributing its research achievement and results for the reference of the public. It has published 50 volumes of National Policy Dynamic Analysis Series, which presents short articles on the latest results of INPR’s research team, 10 volumes of Think Tank Series of books and monographs for the last three decades. In addition, the INPR has issued periodicals “The INPR Bi-weekly” and “The INPR Series” for a total of nearly 200 volumes. Titles of those monographs are <Global Implications> (Hung-mao Tien and Yun-han Chu, eds, 1993), <The Predicament of Modernization in East Asia> (Eric Wu and Yun-han Chu, eds, 1995), <The Asia Regional Economy: Growing Linkages, Taiwan’s Electoral Politics and Democratic Transition (Hung-mao Tien, ed, 1996), <Consolidating the Third Wave Democracies >(Hung-mao Tien, Yun-han Chu, Larry Diamond, and Marc Plattner, eds, Johns Hopkins University Press Baltimore 1997), <China under Jiang Zemin> (Hung-mao Tien and Yun-han Chu, eds, 1999), <The Security Environment in the Asia-Pacific> (Hung-mao Tien and Tun-jen Cheng, eds, 2000), <Challenges of Civilization in the 21st Century> (Hung-mao Tien and Chih-cheng Lo, 2001), and <The New Chinese Leadership: Challenges and Opportunities after the 16th Party Congress> (Yun-han Chu, Chih-cheng Lo and Ramon H. Myers, eds, The China Quarterly, Cambridge University Press, 2004).


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