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Analysis of current domestic & international situation in Germany in the wake of its 2021 Bundestag election

Germany will hold its Bundestag election this September, which will usher in the post-Merkel period. Judging by the current situation, a coalition between the Union Party and the Green Party is the most likely outcome. This could be beneficial to Taiwan because the second largest parties were mostly in charge of foreign policy in previous German coalition governments, and the Green Party, which holds a stronger stance on China, takes on that role.

Effects of Different Levels of National Interest on US-China-Taiwan Relations
12-08-2020 The changes in the Sino-US competition for hegemony occur based on each country’s judgement on the different levels of national interest. Despite Taiwan being sandwiched between the two great powers, relying on the US seems to be the only choice it has because of aggressing Communist China. However, there is still full of uncertainty, and I dare not make improper responses and speculations.
Surveying the Recent Sino-American Military Interaction around Taiwan
05-14-2020 The PLA has increased the frequency of its aircrafts and warships appearance on screens of Taiwan military radars in last three months. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began in late January, the PLA air fleet, formed mainly by H-6K, J-11 and other aircrafts, has begun its annual training flight by flying along the south edge of Taiwan ADIZ
COVID-19, Catalyst for US-China Decoupling
05-14-2020 The COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has not only caused serious impacts on the global economy but also shattered trust between two largest economies of the world arena, the US and China. In point of fact, the trade war between them before the COVID-19 crisis had revealed how breakable their mutual trust was.
Recent Adjustments in U.S. Military Deployments in Asia-Pacific
05-05-2020 Following the 2020 Taiwan Presidential Election, the world has been suffering the impact of non-conventional threats. Interaction between nations, economic or diplomatic, has come to a standstill because of the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Disasters Made in Japan: Fukushima Nuclear and Diamond Princess
02-25-2020 As of February 23, 2020, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases on the Diamond Princess cruise ship berthed in Japan has soared from 10 to 691 since February 4. The fiasco made Japan the most significant infection cluster outside China, and turned Japan i
The Efficacy of the US Freedom of Navigation Operations in the South China Sea
12-27-2019 In May 2015, the Obama administration dispatched a P8-A Poseidon surveillance plane carrying CNN news reporters to fly at low height close over the China-controlled Fiery Cross Reef located in the Spratly waters in the South China Sea.


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