Foreign & Cross-Strait Relations


立陶宛經濟暨創新部長奧絲琳.阿蒙奈帖Ausrine Armonaite於6月22日透過推特宣布,立陶宛政府將捐贈台灣2萬劑AZ疫苗,當作人道援助,協助台灣對抗COVID-19的疫情。

03-10-2021 美國史丹佛大學學者梅惠琳博士針對中共武力犯台議題,在《外交事務》期刊(Foreign Affairs)7/8月號發表專文,指出現在美國在研究中共是否具備足夠軍事能力「武統」台灣時,
The Major Concern of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) in 2020
12-27-2019 2020 is the year of the endgame for Xi Jinping's military reform launched in November 2015. It is also the year the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) set to "basically achieve mechanization and make a significant breakthrough in information technology."
Soft Power as an Instrument for the Taiwanese Foreign Policy to Develop
12-17-2019 Soft power as an instrument of the Taiwanese foreign policy to develop Taiwan represents a paradox. It is a nation in all respects sovereign and included in the list of the main democracies of the world, which however still discusses the nature of its identity with respect to Mainland China.


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