The Second All-English Youth Forum


The Institute for National Policy Research (INPR) will sponsor「The Second All-English Youth Leadership Forum」 from August 10th  to 12th, 2022. The purpose is to encourage college students to advance their knowledge on domestic issues as well as current international relations. Lectures and discussion will be conducted in English language. INPR welcomes college students and NGO staff to participate in the Forum. 


Tokyo Global Dialogue
03-08-2021 Seminar

In light of time limitation, I will address only to the issues related to the US-China-Taiwan relations in general, and the Cross-Straits matters in particular. I do this at the request of the organizer.

The Asian Regional Economy: Growing Linkages, Global Implications
01-19-2021 Seminar

The INPR, in conjunction with the renowned Asian Affairs Council, organized the International Symposium " The Asian Regional Economy: Growing Linkages, Global Implications " in Taipei in1992, which gathered few dozens of outstanding government, academic and business leaders around the world.

2017 and 2018 Asia-Pacific Think-tank Summit
01-19-2021 Seminar

The Institute for National Policy Research, Center for Japanese Studies National Sun Yat-sen University, and Taiwan Society of Japan Studies initiated and hosted the Asia-Pacific Think-tank Summit in 2017, and continued to hold its second meeting in September 2018.

Taipei-Tokyo Strategic Dialogue
01-19-2021 Seminar

INPR proposed to the Japan Institute of International Affairs to initiate the “Taipei-Tokyo Strategic Dialogue” in 2014, as the one and a half track dialogue.

Asia and Pacific Security Forum
01-19-2021 Seminar

INPR has cooperated with the U.S. Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the Philippine Institute for Strategic and Development Studies (ISDS), the Asia Centre and the Institute of International Relations (IFRI), the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), and the European Institute for Asian Studies to form the Asia-Pacific Security Forum in September 1997. It became the first mechanism for multilateral security dialogue in the Asia-Pacific region managed by Taiwan, and has continued for more than two decades.

International Conference on Consolidating the Third Wave Democracies – Trends and Challenges
01-19-2021 Seminar

The “International Conference on Consolidating the Third Wave Democracies”, co-sponsored by INPR and the National Endowments for Democracy’s International Forum for Democratic Studies of the United States, was a successful event, which received worldwide attention.

12-17-2020 研討會研討會


2020 Global NGO International Development Forum
11-04-2020 Forums

Our institution (INPR) and the Taiwan Alliance in International Development (AID) hold the "2020 Global NGO International Development Forum" in Taipei from October 5th to 6th.




「2019 Asia-Pacific Security Forum」
09-03-2019 Seminar

   The Institute for National Policy Research, in conjunction with the Pacific Forum, held the 「2019 Asia-Pacific Security Forum」 in the Hilton Waikiki Beach,

The Sixth Taipei-Tokyo Strategic Dialouge


The recent situation in the Asia-Pacific has been enriching, unstable, and ever-changing, manifesting in the struggles and interactions amongst the many Asian states..

《Forum on Taiwan Non-Governmental Organizations’ International Participation in Africa》
06-08-2019 Seminar

   For several decades, the Republic of China (Taiwan) has simultaneously experienced social transformation, economic development, and political reforms. One major outcome of which

『Seminar on Cities Exchanges and Cross-Strait Relations』
04-28-2019 Seminar

  As a result of the “9-in-1” local government elections of November 2019 in Taiwan, the opposition party Kuomintang won the majority of local counties and cities. Hence, exchanges of city mayors and county magistrates with Chinese counterparts have become an indicator and a grave focus for the Cross-Strait relations...

The 2018 Asia-Pacific Think-tank Summit


The 2018 Asia-Pacific Think-tank Summit

   The Asia-Pacific region is witnessing great changes. The U.S. primacy is no longer as powerful as it was before, especially since it pulled off from the TPP..


「第五屆台日戰略對話」國際學術研討會 國策研究院與日本國際問題研究所共同於5月14日分別在台北及宜蘭舉行「第五屆台日戰略對話」國際學術研討會,邀請台日雙方學者專家共28位參與,



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