The Institute for National Policy Research mourns the passing of Dr. Yun-Han Chu
02-06-2023 Others

Dr. Yun-Han Chu, an academician of Academia Sinica passed away yesterday evening, and the Institute for National Policy Research, would like to express its deepest condolences and mourning. Dr. Chu served as the director of Planning Department of the INPE predecessor "National Policy Research Center" in the 1990s and performed various works related to constitutional democratization and internationalization, making significant contributions to the visibility of the Institute. Upon hearing the news of Dr. Chu's passing, the INPR President and all the colleagues feel deeply regretful, and wish his spirit to rest in peace in heaven.

Chairman Tien's congratulatory message to President-elect Joseph R. Biden, VP-elect Kamala Harris
12-16-2020 Dr. Tien hung-Mao, Chairman and President of the Institute for National Policy Research President extends his sincere congratulations to the President-elect Joe Biden, and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.
07-30-2020 Others

永懷台灣民主之父-李前總統登輝先生。 田弘茂暨國策研究院全體同仁敬悼



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