The INPR-IFRI Policy Dialogue Concluded


The Institute for National Policy Research, INPR and the Institut Français des Relations Internationales, IFRI concluded a virtual dialogue on Dec. 15, 2021. The Dialogue was presided jointly by INPR President Dr. Tien Hong-mao and IFRI Director of Research and Editor-in-Chief of Politique etrangere Dr. Marc Hecker and kicked off with their opening remarks. The two institutes, consequently, assigned two scholars to brief on related topics and proceed with questions and answers. Lastly, INPR Executive Director Dr. Kuo, Yujen and IFRI Director for Asian Studies made conclusions to close the constructive and fruitful dialogue.     


09-14-2020 Seminar

本院與「臺灣發展援助聯盟」將於本年十月五日至六日在台北召開「2020全球非政府組織國際發展論壇」,請 踴躍報名參加。

Seminar on Religious Organizations and the Social Development in Taiwan
03-25-2020 Seminar

For years, the government of the Republic of China has adopted relatively loose policies in respect to practice and management of religious organizations. With rising civil consciousness

08-19-2019 Seminar


Taiwan NGOs' International Participation in Africa


  For several decades, the Republic of China (Taiwan) has simultaneously experienced social transformation, economic development, and political reforms. One major outcome of which is to generate tremendous social energy for changes in private sectors,



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