Chairman and President Tien speaks at the Chia-yi Police Bureau

Chairman and President Tien speaks at the Chia-yi Police Bureau Oct. 9, 2019

 INPR Chairman and President Dr. Hung-mao Tien visited Chiayi Police Bureau and delivered a speech with the topic of ”Fundamental Changes in World Order and the US-China Trade War ” on October 3, 2019. Having been briefed by Director General Chang, Shu-de on the social safety of Chiayi City, Dr. Tien spoke to around 300 police on the Bureau’s monthly meeting. His perceptive views and comments help audience tremendously to the further understanding on the world situation and the US-China Trade War. President Tien paid respect to the audience in the beginning of his speech for their tireless efforts, making Taiwan as the world’s second safest country based on crime statistics report of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. He also encouraged the audience to further excel their professional skills in the face of the rapidly changing criminal tricks.

Dr. Tien reminded his audience the characteristics and impacts of globalization, which not only alter economic structure and function, but lead to bipolarized social political development. As a result, populism and terrorism induce social unrest, which has harmed liberal economic and democratic politic systems. Facing the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Digital Revolution), people have to adjust and respond to the changes and repercussions of business operations, life styles, ethic values, and cultural impacts.

On international relations, President Tien stressed the rise of China will undoubtedly overthrow the existing Western-oriented world order after the World War II and trigger tensions on regional as well as international security arena. The US-China trade war, unlike the US-Japan trade disputes in the 1980s, is a comprehensive economic and political rivalry, which will precipitate variables to the Cross-Strait relation. Bearing in mind the difference of political and social systems and ideologies, interactions of the two sides of Taiwan Strait are absolutely not on an equal footing status. As the 2020 Presidential and Legislative elections are approaching, both the government and the opposition camps have to rationally deal with challenges caused by domestic politics as well as interference from Mainland China. President Tien finally paid tribute to Chiayi police to continue to play their constructive role in maintaining social safety.

DG Chang greets President and Mrs. Tien in front of his ploice bureau
President Tien calls on DG Chang
DG Chang briefs Chiayi social safety
Chiayi police welcome President Tien
A scene of President Tien's Speech
A scene of President Tien's Speech
President and Mrs. Tien pose with audience


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