2017 and 2018 Asia-Pacific Think-tank Summit

    The Institute for National Policy Research, Center for Japanese Studies National Sun Yat-sen University, and Taiwan Society of Japan Studies initiated and hosted the Asia-Pacific Think-tank Summit in 2017, and continued to hold its second meeting in September 2018. Invited to the Ministry of National Defense to host a delegation of 17 think tanks leaders and representatives from Taiwan, the United States, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, India, South Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. In-depth discussion of various issues such as the US-China competition under Trump's regime, the Indo-Pacific strategy, the South China Sea issue, the think tank cooperation, and the connection with Taiwan, and seek to deepen the military and foreign policy cooperation between Taiwan and the countries in the region. Leaders from various countries’ think tanks exchanged and discussed topics such as “One Belt, One Road and Indo-Pacific Region”, “Marine Safety and South China Sea Issues”, “North Korea and Northeast Asia Situation” and “New South Policy and Southeast Asia Link”, all stimulated a lot of new thinking.




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