Taipei-Tokyo Strategic Dialogue

    The situation in the Asia-Pacific in recent years has been unstable and ever-changing, manifesting in the struggles of major powers and interactions amongst the many small and medium states. Issues of national defense, diplomacy, economics and social development in the region are closely interrelated and interdependent regardless of state of origin. In view of the equal importance of the non-governmental exchanges to traditional diplomacy, it is extremely essential to face and solve regional issues through informal dialogues and cooperation. Therefore, the INPR proposed to the Japan Institute of International Affairs to initiate the “Taipei-Tokyo Strategic Dialogue” in 2014, as the one and a half track dialogue. It is hoped that the Platform will serve for the purposes not only exchange views on bilateral or regional issues, but also promote understanding between the two countries so as to promote their national interest as well as the reginal stability in a timely manner.

    Held for a consecutive six rounds in the two capitals respectively, the "Taipei-Tokyo Strategic Dialogue" has been praised as the most important track 1.5 dialogue platform between Taiwan and Japan. Covering various bilateral and regional strategic, diplomatic, and security issues, the Dialogue has multiplied the existing close economic and cultural relations with a comprehensive effect. Consensus or conclusions forged from the Dialogue have been adopted as prime references for decision-making leadership of the two countries. President Tsai Ing-wen, in a meeting with the Japanese delegation of the 2018 conference at the Presidential Palace, praised the "Taipei-Tokyo Strategic Dialogue" to continue to deepen the cooperation, make suggestions, and support Taiwan to play a more active role in the Indo-Pacific region.


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