The Asian Regional Economy: Growing Linkages, Global Implications

The INPR, in conjunction with the renowned Asian Affairs Council, organized the International Symposium " The Asian Regional Economy: Growing Linkages, Global Implications " in Taipei in1992, which gathered few dozens of outstanding government, academic and business leaders around the world. It was an event of far-reaching significance with feature speeches made by former president V. Giscard d’Estaing of France and former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce and Industry of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong. Other international distinguished guests were President of Asian Development Bank Kimimasa Tarumizu, Former Trade Representative William Brock and Former Assistant Secretary of State Richard Holbrooke of the United States. President Lee, Teng-hui, Premier Hau, Po-tsun, Minister of Foreign Affairs Fredrick Chien and Minister of Economic Affairs Vincent Siew all addressed in the Symposium respectively. Topics discussed include “the integration of Asian economies”, "Global Development and Asia Outlook", "The Future of the World Trade System", "Regional Trade and Financial Activities" and "Asia Pacific Political Prospects and Security". The successful event ushers the collaboration between the Asian Affairs Council and the INPR for more than a decade. 


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