Centennial Democracy Forums

Commissioned by the Council for Cultural Affairs and the Republic of China (Taiwan) Centenary Foundation, the INPR organized a series of events to retrospect to the history of Taiwan’s political and economic development and to strengthen Taiwan’s international connections, in celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the Republic of China. With themes of “Democracy Forums” and “A Spectacular Centenary: The Republic of China Rebuilds Political Miracle”, domestic and foreign scholars and elites were invited to attend a series of seminars to address issues of Taiwan’s authoritarian ruling, martial law lifting and political democratization and localization and to contrive a prospect of political and economic outlook for the Republic of China in the future.
Another theme is Taiwan’s non-governmental organizations and their international participation. Topics discussed include "localization of NGOs: caring, foothold and deep-rooted Taiwan", "Taiwan NGO Centennial Development Forum: Retrospect and Prospect", "Republic of China NGO International Participation Summit: Difficulties and Challenges", "Global governance and cross-border issues: initiatives, partners and global alliances." The celebrating events provide valuable opinions and momentum for the Republic of China to welcome the next century's glory with a new thinking.



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