Institute for National Policy Research Chairman and President Dr. Tien Hong-mao gave a speech at the Taoyuan Rotary Club joint meeting

Institute for National Policy Research Chairman and President Dr. Tien Hong-mao gave a speech on the topic "Taiwan's situation amid the current US-China relationship" at the Taoyuan Rotary Club joint meeting on October 21, 2020. In his speech, Dr. Tien used International Relations theories to illustrate the complex evolution of the US-China relationship, and in what manner Taiwan should manage for the ongoing changes.

In regards to what the unexpected events of 2020 means for Taiwan, Dr. Tien explained with the following five points:

a.    The impact of the all-out contention between US and China on Taiwan;

b.    The influence of COVID-19 on people's lifestyle;

c.    The meaning for Taiwan's democracy behind Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen's re-election, in which she won 8.17 million votes, and the passing of former President Li Teng-hui;

d.    The improvement of Taiwan-US relations, in terms of the level of visiting officials and arms sales; and

e.    The Cross-strait relations reached its most challenging period in decades.

He emphasized Taiwan's strategic importance in the Western Pacific Ocean. In the everchanging international and regional environment, Taiwan should uphold democracy, market economy, and values that it shares with the West. Moreover, Dr. Tien elaborated the development of Taiwan's semiconductor industry as an example to express how this country needs to appropriately position itself so as to continue participating in international economic developments.

When inquired about how the US-China relations is likely to develop, Dr. Tien responded that the two parties are moving down the road of bifurcation rather than that of decoupling, as the current events are based in differences in economic systems and values. Lastly, he encouraged Taiwanese companies pay heed to how the situation progresses in order to make the most favourable arrangements.

 Experiencing the recent rapid multi-faceted developments in Taoyuan as the epitome of Taiwan, Dr. Tien appraised Taoyuan Rotarians for their contributions.



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