The 12th Elite Youth Forum on Foreign Affairs

The 12th Elite Youth Forum on Foreign Affairs

The Institute for National Policy Research, in conjunction with National Policy Research Center of the National Sun Yat-sen University, hosted the “12th Elite Youth Forum on Foreign Affairs” from July 26th to 28th, 2017 at the Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Sixty undergraduate and graduate students in the fields of political science, diplomacy and international relations and other majors participated in the forum. Such annual summer events are widely regarded to benefit the participants tremendously to advancing their better understanding in respect to current international events as well as practical aspects of Taiwan foreign relations.

INPR President Hung-mao Tien welcomed and encouraged participants to fully seize the opportunity to interact with experienced public officials, civilian experts, and scholars, thus enhancing their knowledge on international affairs as well as cross-straits issues.

Three days’ programs featured of lectures on domestic issues, current international affairs, Taiwan’s conduct in foreign relations, and cross-strait relations. Discussions and debates on hot issues as well as field trips for protocol practices were designed to stimulate achieve participation in the programs. Lecture subjects cover of a wide range of topics including: globalization, climate change, Taiwan’s international status, cross-strait relations, foreign policy of Trump administration, progress of Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy, South China Sea dispute, Taiwan’s role in the Sino-American strategic competition, Taiwan’s economic outlook, etc. In addition, the “Fire Line Dialogue” provided participants with opportunity to polish their debate skill and to stimulate their imagination on the issues of the so-called”1992 Consensus” regarding cross-strait relations, and same sex marriage. Participants also learned about formal diplomatic protocol demonstrated by former senior diplomat by means of holding actual dinner and cocktail events.

In the face of the capricious international situation, the Republic of China (Taiwan) has suffered for years many diplomatic setbacks due to its exclusion from the United Nations membership. The INPR has hosted the Forum since 2006, with a view to familiarize participants with the reality of Taiwan’s foreign relations; programs also included its constructive roles the country and its numerous NGOs have played in international society. Each year, hundreds of candidates from designs of universities competed for a few dozen places. For years, the Forum has been known as one of the most popular platforms for young leaders to brainstorm on current issues. It has also provided the best training opportunity for college students who many wish to pursue diplomatic careers as well as other forms of international services.

President Tien welcomed participants
A corner of the classroom
Professor Wen Cheng Lin made presentation
President Tien and Participants
President and outstanding participants
Participants in an debate class
INPR Execitove Dorector and participants
INPR President Tien awarded participants


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