《Forum on Taiwan Non-Governmental Organizations’ International Participation in Africa》

For several decades, the Republic of China (Taiwan) has simultaneously experienced social transformation, economic development, and political reforms. One major outcome of which is to generate tremendous social energy for changes in private sectors, laying foundations for the emergence of a vibrant civil society. Numerically thousands of non-government organizations (NGOs) have participated in international society. Their activities range from humanitarian assistance, philanthropy, public health, eradication of poverty, promotion of democracy and human rights, maintenance of sustainable environment and ecology. Taiwanese NGOs have demonstrated the country’s significant soft power, contributing greatly to enhance the nation’s reputation.

Unable to join the United Nations as a state member, Taiwan has been barred from activities in the UN organizations and its special agencies. Such unfair treatments have not deterred its NGOs from actively involve in international cooperation and development projects. The Institute for National Policy Research (INPR) welcomes the opportunity to participate in the proposed Africa-collaboration project by U.S. based “Taiwan-Africa Exchange Foundation” (TAEF). It is hoped that the TAEF, with the support of the U.S. public, private, and nonprofit sectors, could lend a helping hand in the fields of education, public health, agriculture and small business enterprises in Africa. Our past experiences should contribute to the implementation of whatever intended programs that may come about.

On Wednesday, May 29, the INPR will hold an international symposium on Taiwan’s NGOs and Prospect of Participating in a Proposed Africa Development Project. Meetings will take place in the Y. F. Chang Foundation Headquarter Building. This is a conference intended to explore the possibilities of Taiwan NGOs’ cooperative efforts in conjunction with an initiative put forward by three Harvard Advanced Leadership Fellows, Professor Issa Baluch, Ms. Futhi Mtoba and Dr. Jack Kau. Panelists and other speakers will review Taiwan NGOs’ past contribution in Africa. Moreover, they will assess the potential participation in the proposed Taiwan-Africa initiative as Iss Baluch, Jack Kau and Professor J. P. Tseng have begun to articulate.

Attached please find a tentative agenda of the forum for your kind reference.



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