Seminar on Religious Organizations and the Social Development in Taiwan

Seminar on Religious Organizations and the Social Development in Taiwan

For years, the government of the Republic of China has adopted relatively loose policies in respect to practice and management of religious organizations. With rising civil consciousness, public demands for more transparency regarding assets of these organizations and taxation on them have become issues of frequent popular discourse. Moreover, there have been growing concerns about foreign political infiltration in local temples, possibly due to openness of Taiwan society. Lately tension in international environment as well as in cross-strait relations magnifies these problems. There is a need now to assess their consequential impacts on the development of Taiwan democracy.

The Institute for National Policy Research will hold a symposium on Religious Organizations and Social Development on June 19th (9 am to 5 pm) this year at the Chang Yung-fa Foundation International Convention Center. Purpose of the meeting is to review the roles of religious organizations in relation to political and social developments. Panelists and other participants will examine the prospects of enhancing more transparence as well as effective management of Taiwan’s religious organizations. Relatedly, discussion will also aim at scrutinizing unlawful external political penetration that has distorted religious practice. On the positive side, this open forum hopes to enrich religious freedom, while simultaneously enforcing the rule of law.



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