The Second All-English Youth Forum

The Second All-English Youth Leadership Forum


Press Release


The Institute for National Policy Research (INPR) will sponsorThe Second All-English Youth Leadership Forum from August 10th  to 12th, 2022. The purpose is to encourage college students to advance their knowledge on domestic issues as well as current international relations. Lectures and discussion will be conducted in English language. INPR welcomes college students and NGO staff to participate in the Forum.


INPR is the first privately funded public policy research organization in Taiwan. As a non-partisan private think tank, the INPR has long paid attention to national security, foreign relations and international affairs. It routinely conducts researches, holds discussions on contemporary important issues, and engages with renowned international foreign think tanks.


In line with on-going government policy to promote English learnings, this Forum switches to use of English language in the “Elite Youth Forum on Foreign Affairs” programs that the INPR has previously organized since 2006. Given the growing importance in bilingual education, the Ministry of Education has aimed at achieving bilingual goal by 2030. The INPR agrees with this important policy objective, and sponsored the first all-English youth leadership in 2021 and gained tremendous success. We will enlist scholars and other professionals from various subject matters to lecture and hold discussion sessions with the participants. It is hoped that this short-term summer program can help the trainees to become more familiarize with English expressions and terminologies on public policy and foreign affairs issues.


The INPR is ready and looks forward enlisting young participants for this Forum. The sessions will take place at the Evergreen International Convention Center. For registration, please consult with the INPR official website or call Angel Hsieh at (02) 2357-9687 for more information.


The Second All-English Youth Forum

Host :Institute for National Policy Research

Date:10th-12th August, 2022 (Wednesday to Friday)

Location: Evergreen International Convention Center

( Please use about 400 words introduce yourself and explain your career plan, with another 400 words, please give your personal perspectives on Taiwan's social issues, Cross-Strait Relations and International Relations)

*The Forum uses English as official language
* Due to the limited availability of seats, early registration is strongly recommended before 7th August to ensure your participation.



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