“2021 the First All- English Youth Leadership Forum” Accomplished with a Great Success

“2021 the First All- English Youth Leadership Forum” Accomplished with a Great Success

“The First All- English Youth Leadership Forum”, sponsored by the Institute for National Policy Research (INPR) from Aug. 18th to 20th 2021 at the Chang Yung-Fa International Convention Center has accomplished with a great success. As many as one hundred ungraduated and graduate students as well as non-governmental organization staff participated in the Forum on the scene or on line and interacted with lecturers on various topics bearing tremendous harvests during the three days’ training. Dr. Hung-mao Tien, Chairman and President of the INPR conferred certificates of accomplishment and certificates of outstanding performance to trainees and inspired them to further advance learnings and promote friendship in the future.

Taiwan has undergone social transition, economic development, and democratic transformation over the past few decades, which has accumulated abundant private recourses and contributed to the vigorous development of civil society. The Republic of China (Taiwan) has suffered for years many diplomatic setbacks due to its exclusion from the United Nation membership since 1971 as well as China’s raising in economic development and active participation in international affairs. Consequently, its citizens have to face the painful reality of isolation in international politics; but continuing support for the government’s diplomatic endeavors as well as understanding international affairs in respect to promoting of national diplomacy remain critically important. The INPR, as a non-partisan private and non-governmental think tank, has made efforts to study such subjects as they related to national security, Asian –Pacific regional affairs, and even global developments. We see these as vital to enhance our national interest.

Riding in the tide of cross-national globalization wave, our government has adopted a bilingual education policy entitled the “Blueprint for developing Taiwan into a Bilingual Nation by 2030”. The purpose is simply to raise level of English proficiency in order to upgrade national competitiveness in the world arena. It is imperative for Taiwan to educate its young people on English learning so as to play more constructive roles in this era of global village community. The INPR initiates this “The First All- English Youth Leadership Forum” to echo the government policy of enriching college students’ ability to use English language.

The INPR has invited scholars in universities and other academic institutes as well as ranking officials in the government and professionals in private sectors to lecture on a great variety of issues such as democratic politics, economic development, foreign relations, civil society, technology and culture, as well as world affairs. During three days’ program, all participant students, inspired by lectures on theories and practices, actively engaged in lively discussion. Interactions on Q&A sessions and panel discussion very much improved their proficiency in English expression.

In view of the government’s restrictive policy to contain spread of COVID-19 pandemic effects, the INPR has decided to limit number of participants to only 45 students, the remaining 44 others who have indicated their interest to participate were asked to join the forum online. All of the students have shown great enthusiasm in the subject matters. They must have benefited a great deal as they uniformly expressed their appreciation to this INPR Summer program. At the end, the students decide to organize for themselves a community group entitled “2021 INPR English Youth Group.” It will serve as a forum to further promoting mutual learning and enhancing friendship in the future.

Dr. Tien Hung-Mao welcomes students
Dr. Tien Hung-MAO took a group photo with the students
Legislator Lo Chih-Cheng's lecture
Dr. Hsia Li - Yan's lecture
Senior Deputy Executive Director Lee Chun's lecture
Dr. Kuo Yu-Jen's panel discussion on Day1
Dr. Lin Yung-Lo's lecture
Dr. Raymond Wu's lecture
Erick Reuter's lecture
International Youth Ambassador Yu Li-Ling's lecture
International Youth Ambassador Hsieh Hsin-Ting's lecture
Ambassador Wu Rong-Chuan's panel discussion on Day2
Dr. Kuo Yu-Jen's lecture
Legislator Kao,Hung-An's lecture
Dr. Ou Tzu-Chi's lecture
Panel discussion in groups
Panel discussion in groups
Student group report
Student group report


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