G20 Summit and the Asia-Pacific Situation Forum

The 2019 G20 Summit will be held in Osaka, Japan from 28th to 29th of June, the first-ever G20 summit to be hosted in Japan. The participant nations together constitute 80% of the global GDP; hence it is considered one of the most important forum on international economic issues. Since its inception in Washing, D.C. in 2008, it has made positive contributions to global economic cooperation. This year the summit will inevitably encounter intricate matters derived from the stalemate of Sino-American trade war. In addition, the twin issues regarding denuclearization of North Korea and the controversy surrounding the South China Sea may also occupy serious attention while dealing with the security situation in the Asia Pacific region.

In light of the precarious cross-strait relations at present while Taiwan is in the midst of presidential and legislative election campaigns, we feel it is important to pay close attention to the Osaka G20 Summit. The Institute for National Policy Research has scheduled to hold symposium on “Outcome of G20 Summit and the Outlook of Asia-Pacific Situation” on Monday, July 1st at the Evergreen International Convention Center of the 8th floor of the Y. F. Chang Foundation Building. The symposium will provide scholarly analyses in respect to the summit event by invited scholars and specialists. Meetings are open to the public. If you are interested, please sign up by way of the following registration form.



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