10-03-2022 Implications of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict for the Chinese Military and the Impact on the Security of the Taiwan Strait
The unfolding of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has yielded many surprises. The poor performance of the Russian army in terms of tactics, logistics, and battlefield C3ISR has put invading forces in a disadvantageous position. The war's dragging has changed the strategic situation in ways that Russian President Putin likely did not calculate for and offered valuable strategic opportunities for the U.S. to significantly weaken Russia's comprehensive national power. After this invasion, Russia will lose much of its influence and isolate itself from Western countries — at least for a period of time. For its part, China will be dragged into the power vacuum created by Russia, and the U.S. will perceive China as a rival, like Russia, to the world. From the Chinese perspective, China will avoid becoming another Russia and will not fall into what Beijing regards as a trap set by the U.S. In the Taiwan Strait, Russia's painful experience in Ukraine will make Chinese leader Xi Jinping reluctant to use force to accomplish his goals over Taiwan.
06-10-2022 The Second All-English Youth Forum


The Institute for National Policy Research (INPR) will sponsor「The Second All-English Youth Leadership Forum」 from August 10th  to 12th, 2022. The purpose is to encourage college students to advance their knowledge on domestic issues as well as current international relations. Lectures and discussion will be conducted in English language. INPR welcomes college students and NGO staff to participate in the Forum. 


12-20-2021 The INPR-IFRI Policy Dialogue Concluded


The Institute for National Policy Research, INPR and the Institut Français des Relations Internationales, IFRI concluded a virtual dialogue on Dec. 15, 2021. The Dialogue was presided jointly by INPR President Dr. Tien Hong-mao and IFRI Director of Research and Editor-in-Chief of Politique etrangere Dr. Marc Hecker and kicked off with their opening remarks. The two institutes, consequently, assigned two scholars to brief on related topics and proceed with questions and answers. Lastly, INPR Executive Director Dr. Kuo, Yujen and IFRI Director for Asian Studies made conclusions to close the constructive and fruitful dialogue.     




08-25-2021 “2021 the First All- English Youth Leadership Forum” Accomplished with a Great Success
“2021 the First All- English Youth Leadership Forum” Accomplished with a Great Success   110 08 23
   “The First All- English Youth Leadership Forum”, sponsored by the Institute for National Policy Research (INPR) from Aug. 18th to 20th 2021 at the Chang Yung-Fa International Convention Center has accomplished with a great success. As many as one hundred ungraduated and graduate students as well as non-governmental organization staff participated in the Forum on the scene or on line and interacted with lecturers on various topics bearing tremendous harvests during the three days’ training. Dr. Hung-mao Tien, Chairman and President of the INPR conferred certificates of accomplishment and certificates of outstanding performance to trainees and inspired them to further advance learnings and promote friendship in the future.
04-16-2021 President Tien Hung-mao Met with Former Senator Dodd and His Delegation
INPR Chairman and President Dr. Tien Hung-mao met with former Senator Dodd and his delegation

Chairman and President Dr. Tien Hong-mao of the Institute for National Policy Reach, arranged by the American Institute Taiwan, met with former Senator Christopher Dodd, ex-Deputy Secretaries of State Richard Armitage and James Steinberg, and the accompanying U.S. delegation today and had a pleasant gathering.
03-08-2021 Tokyo Global Dialogue

In light of time limitation, I will address only to the issues related to the US-China-Taiwan relations in general, and the Cross-Straits matters in particular. I do this at the request of the organizer.




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